It’s always really awkward when somebody you don’t like asks you out, RIGHT? So these are some ideas

“I just want to be friends, but it was really nice of you” and give a fake smile.

“No” and walk away.

“Umm, no thank you,” with a concerned look.

Get a friend to do it for you *If there is no other option*

“Can i think about it”

“I’m seeing somebody, but thank you anyway!”

“I’ve just got out of a really serious relationship and need time to recover”

Second Blog…


Hey, so this is my second blog (my last one was yesterday).

So a quick explanation to m blog from yesterday, I’m not ACTUALLY completely boy-crazy and have never been and i see why i might come across that way, it’s just that at the current point in my life we’re all getting CRAZY hormones towards the other and same sex and basically its making us act like dogs on heat…

Also another subject i’d like to address, that is kinda an ‘elephant in the room’ that i never explained why i want to stay anonymous. I want to stay anonymous for, actually many reasons and here are a few…

  • It gives me a sense of safety and security that i cant be stopped in the street and be taunted at for something i said that didn’t go down well.
  • I feel like i can be COMPLETELY honest when i am anonymous and feel like i’m not getting judged as harshly.
  • If anybody form my school finds this blog it would be pretty embarrassing if they found out all my pitiful girl drama

Are just a few.

I guess i will leave the blog thus far and will hopefully be writing tomorrow, so sorry it was really short



Right, so this is my first ever blog post (which i keep wanting to type Bolg post)

Me having a blog always seemed to be something i would be into, but i have never really thought it to be realistic, but hey, here i am.

I have decided to keep myself anonymous, because i will probably make myself sound completely stupid and TBH i’m doing a great job already, without adding a bunch of gross girly feelings to it.

So i bit about me is i have three major friends

  1. Red
  2. Purple
  3. Green

Obviously these are not their real names, but that’s what i’m calling them to stay anonymous.

At the moment i’m having *sigh* boy issues!

I have been having many recently

  1. I thought i liked this guy called… Undecided Guy, because a lot of the time we play-argue, but in maths i thought we were really bonding and having a good time together. I even went as far to spend an hour of my evening searching ‘differences between joking and flirting’ and playing that Love Tester game. It turns out that boys act very different around their friends then when their alone with you 😦
  2. This guy who i will call ‘Brussels’ asked me out! I defiantly do not like him in that way, i think he is a bit immature and silly for me, but i don’t mind joking about with him. Guess what though ‘Green’ said i must have been leading him on! Which TBH was quite rude. That drama is done with, thank God for that!
  3. This is a more recent thing, like today, but there is this guy (called Football Guy)  i think i may have a crush, i think he had a crush on me a while ago, because he DMed me on Instagram for a bit and always says hi to me in the cafeteria, because he is in a year above me, i doubt it is just him being nice. He is friendly and quite good-looking, but i would like to get to know him more. (And make sure he is single)

I told Green about Football Guy, she basically thought I was CRAZY, but she was supportive about it and quite complimented that she was the first person i told.

Honestly these days there is SO much pressure on being a girl, for instance

  1. Being skinny, but still curvy at the same time.
  2. If you eat more then often you get people saying ‘You’re fat’ and if you eat less then often, you get people saying ‘Are you anorexic?’ IT’S SO STRESSFUL
  3. You’re eyebrows must be perfect at all times and when you try and do something to them people are nice enough to tell you where you went wrong

Sorry if this was cringe